Monday, March 2, 2015

March Post Tournament Roundup

Hello all, it's time for another post tournament roundup!  This past cube round was the most synergistic thus far, and we were able to see first hand the fruits of some of the meticulously chosen card replacements that have been made over the last few months.  We saw some color combinations trailing on the support side, and as a result, just weren't getting played.  Without further delay, here's the rundown:

Ranking Overview

Totals: R1 R2 Total Year Total
Andy 18 12 30 55
Dan 18 8 26 51
Dave 12 9 21 42
Eric 0 18 18 36
Jake 12 4 16 32
Jeff 6 16 22 44
Steve 18 N/A 18 36
Mark N/A 8 8 16

The Decks:

Red Green "Counters Monster"
So, general idea here is aggro Monsters/Ramp with Counters Matter as the sub-theme, highlighting the power of Ion Storm, one of the cards that inspired the Counters Matter Theme in our cube originally.

Dan:  Black White Control
Move along, nothing to see here, just a B/W Control deck.  Lots of Removal, efficient creatures and a few late game bombs with a tokens sub-theme.

Key Players: Control

Key Players: Tokens

Eric:  Green/Black/White ThuneFeeder Combo

Control deck anchored on the spike feeder/Archangel of Thune combo for infinite life and infinitely large creatures.  This was a reanimator theme for the combo enabler with a big assist from everyone's favorite Troll Skeleton, Golgari Grave-Troll.  This was a big winner for the round, racking up the maximum of 18 points for the round.  Additionally, it was actually interactive and fun to play against (until the combo, lol)

David: Black Red Aggro/Burn

Straight forward aggressive strategy here with very few frills.  The strategy worked around fast unleash creatures, removal resilient creatures (Fleshcarver, Wurmcoil Engine, etc) and burn/removal.  Performed very well and was fun to play with/against.  This is the type of aggressive interactive strategy we were really hoping to accomplish in the cube for B/R.

Jake:  Four Color Tokens

The idea here was to take the most efficient token generators from B/W/R/G and overwhelm the opponent with numbers by going wide instead of big, adding anthem effects to generate +1/+1 counters across the board for optimal effect.

Jeff: Black Green Counters Matter

This was a graveyard-centric counters matter deck, which Black Green is very good at in our cube.  Scavenge, counter doubling effects etc. This was basically the opposite of Jake's deck, going big instead of wide.

Mark: Black Blue Tempo

Efficient creatures with counter/control strategy.  Control the board and keep pinging life away from the opponent.

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