Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cube October 2014 - Post Tourney Overview

So, this marked our 4th go at the cube, and I think everyone had a good time. We almost finished, with just one game between Jeff and Jake left, but we got most of the games out of the way. Here were the decks being run:

  • Andy: Melira Pod
  • Eric: B/U Control
  • David: R/B Aggro Control
  • Jake: RGB Monsters
  • Jeff: B/W Control
  • Dan: R/W/G Tokens

The top-three rankings in the best 3 out of 3 matchups were:

Dan - 6 Wins in 8 Games
David - 5 Wins in 7 Games
Andy - 5 Wins in 9 Games

A special congratulations to Jake and Dave, our youngest Cubers for honing their decks to 40 cards for the first time. Andy and I have given them each 1 "Cube Point", which is an arbitrary cube related denomination of value, redeemable in the future for something which we have not yet established (most likely additional cards to draft next round). Both of them also exhibited some skill in timing that surprised me - Kudos sirs, Kudos.

Jeff had an interesting superfriends (meaning multiple planeswalkers) type of control, filled with board wipes (literally he had all the board wipes in the cube except Magister of Worth), resilient creatures (Undying, created tokens when they die, etc) that made for some pretty fun looking board states. He fell to Andy, who was also playing resilient creatures in his deck.

Andy was playing what ended up being something very close to Modern Melira Pod (sacrificing creatures that have persist and "when this creature enters the battlefield, it does X" to Birthing pod, while Melira is in play so they never get the -1/-1 counters, and you get a creature to boot).

Jacob had a mostly Red and Black monsters deck with Hydras, other beaters to smack in the face...Hard.

David was running essentially a burn/aggro deck with a LOT of creature removal and went undefeated until the last round, where he barely lost 1-2 due to some skillful topdecking on my part.

Eric was playing a pretty nasty U/B control deck, making it hard to get or keep anything out on the board.

I (Dan) was playing G/W tokens with a splash of red for reasons that I am not sure of (I guess due to a quasi bet with Andy that Red white tokens can work).

A great time, 6 players and 6 totally different decks. In addition to different decks, each game was very unique, due to the highlander-ish nature of the cube.

Andy is going to start writing up some bloggy type articles about themes in the cube and various archetypes available. Why certain cards are there and others are not. I may contribute at some point as well, but he's much more of a tactician than me when it comes to magic, so we'll see.

Thanks to all for participating and a big thanks to Kathy for hosting and letting us trash her house and provide daycare services (either directly or through her offspring)!

We may have another opening the first or second weekend of November for those interested, so I'll keep you all in the loop.

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