Thursday, November 13, 2014

November Cube Changes

Wanted to give an update of the cube changes since our last round.  I will be calling everyone at 9PM tomorrow (11/14) to get the draft going.  Here you go!

OUT                                    IN


  1. Pyroclasm vs Anger of the Gods is debatable, but the rest are all flat-out better or at least more thematically appropriate and not substantially worse in any other way. nicely done.


    1. Agreed - Anger of the Gods was a consideration mostly due to the fact that there are a lot of persist/Undying creatures in the cube. The general application of this slot in the cube is to give red some answers to tokens build, and since most of red's creatures toughness is 1-2, then 4+, pyroclasm hit all of the same stuff for the caster, but the exile effect was the relevant determining factor in this change. If Pyroclasm exiled, it would be a no brainer, as 1RR is NOT 1R - it is actually a huge difference, especially in a cube that inherently dissuades the use of mono-color decks, but we thought Red needed an answer to resilient creatures and tokens, which Anger of the Gods is in a single card.

      Additionally, Foil Anger is a good investment ;-)